Football Betting is One of the Most Popular Forms of Gambling

Kyle Oberholzer
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Soccer-themed gambling games are among the most popular and frequently played types of gambling in Indonesia. It is natural to hope that your best football team wins a football game, especially if you watch football games and especially if you play on your best football team. This exciting soccer game also provides you with personal satisfaction because you get to root for your favorite team to victory. Furthermore, many people who engage in soccer betting do so solely to supplement the income they receive from their primary occupation.

Before you begin playing soccer gambling games, you should conduct some research to find a reputable soccer betting website. We will walk you through the steps of playing on LigaIBC, the most trustworthy soccer betting website. LigaIBC is widely regarded as one of the most reputable soccer betting sites in Asia. You are welcome to register and browse the LigaIBC soccer betting website. You can get to the one listed below by clicking on the link.

Alternatives to Gambling When Playing Soccer

LigaIBC gaming sites include a variety of other games in addition to sports betting. You only need to sign up once, and you’ll have access to all of LigaIBC’s games with that single user ID. LigaIBC offers Sports Gambling (including Ball, Tennis, Badminton, and F1), Lottery (including Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney), Poker, and Live Casino (including Roulette, Baccarat, Dragon and Tiger, Sicbo, Slot, and fish game/shoot fish).

Furthermore, LigaIBC publishes a specialized application known as Mobile League, which allows users to engage in gambling activities on the LigaIBC ball website while using a full-screen display. At this time and opportunity, we will teach you how to play the parlay soccer gambling game.

Before we begin discussing soccer betting, we must first define some of the terms that are commonly used on soccer betting sites, including the following:

Full Time (FT): The entire competition, divided into two 45-minute halves. If you choose the FT option for your soccer betting bet, the final score that you will refer to after the match will be the two-half score.

If the Half Time (HT) option is selected, bet only one round or one 45-minute match

Odds are the total number of wagers placed on a specific team or match. If the odds are -1.25, you will need Rp. 125,000 to place a bet, and you will receive Rp. 100,000 if you win. If the odds are +1.05, you must wager Rp. 100,000, and if you win, you will be paid Rp. 105,000.

“Home” refers to a team that is playing on its own field.

“Away” refers to the visiting team that will compete against the “at home” team (H).

A Variety of Soccer-Related Betting Options

There are many different strategies and types of games when it comes to gambling on or betting on soccer, including the following:


This wager adjusts the score between the two teams using the standard method. The rules for playing with a handicap are the same all over the world.

A “1 x 2” bet is one in which the bettor selects which of two competing teams they believe will win. Is it the host team, the visiting team, or the series? (X). Unlike Handicap, you will not be using the voor system in this one.

Predict the total number of goals scored in a single game with either two 45-minute periods or one 45-minute period. When you play over-under games, you bet on whether the final score will be higher or lower than the point total that has been established in the football betting market.

Mix Parlay

Betting on more than two football teams. To participate in this type of parlay, you must choose at least three teams on which to wager. Your wager is considered a loss if even one of your bets loses. A profitable parlay bet could be in your future if your chosen team wins.


A type of wager in which a team is chosen to win a particular competition or match. The odds of winning outright change as the game progresses. However, you shouldn’t get too worked up because when you buy bets, the odds will not change; they will continue to use the odds that were in effect before you bought them.

How does one go about counting balls in a handicap betting game

As we discussed earlier, handicap is a variant of the game that employs the voor system. According to the system’s rules, the following conditions must be met in order to calculate:

  • 0 means neither team has an advantage, and the number of goals scored determines whether either team wins or loses. If the game is a tie, the members will receive their wagering money back.
  • 1/4 denotes that the home team has given up the first quarter to the opposing team. On the soccer betting market, the phrase “writing this 1/4 voor” is usually followed by “0 – 0.25.” If the game ends in a tie, bets on the away team will pay out at odds of 1/4. If the home team scores one point before the end of the game, it is declared the winner.
  • 3/4: voor 3/4 on the written ball market 0.5 – 1, indicating that the home team earns only half of the wager if they score one goal until the end of the match. However, in order to win, the home team must score two goals before the game is over.
  • 1 1/2: This is almost identical to 1/2, with the exception that the home team must be able to provide a goal differential of 2 in order to win the game. If the home team can only provide a goal difference of one, the home team will be eliminated.

If the away team gives the home team a victory, the home team must have a goal difference of at least 2 until the game is completed in order for the home team to win the entire match.

The away team receives this vow from the host team. The score now stands at 0:1 1/4. The home team needed to win with a goal differential of at least two in order to win. However, if the home team could only establish a goal difference, it would lose one-half of what was at stake in the competition.

The computation in games with an over/under is very similar to that used in games with a handicap. Betting is a type of gambling, and it is a game of chance that also requires knowledge of statistics, history, and players of the football club you choose to support. We sincerely hope that after hearing what we have to say about the soccer gambling game, the information presented here will help you gain a better understanding of how the soccer gambling game works within LigaIBC.