Honorable Mentions Among the Best Female Poker Players in the World 

Kyle Oberholzer
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Vanessa Selbst (United States) – $11.85 million

This celebrity was born in Brooklyn and rose to prominence as an excellent poker player by competing in the World Series of Poker, where she won three bracelets. Miss Selbst has also made our list after pulling off one of the most daring bluffs during one of the most high-stakes poker matches in history.

She is also the only female player on the top 100 list of the greatest female poker players, with a long list of accomplishments, making her the only player of her gender to hold this honor. It is important to note that even as a child, she was interested in both the arts and exact sciences, and she devoted a significant amount of her time to athletics. She was able to develop her distinct strategies and playing style as a result of her determination. This lady announced her retirement from the professional scene in 2018, but many are skeptical that she has truly given up gambling.

Kathy Liebert (USA) came in second with $6.17 million

Mrs. Liebert is regarded as a poker legend in the United States. She possesses a one-of-a-kind talent, which is the clever management of funds won in poker games. While most successful poker players spend their winnings on treasures, designer clothes, and sports cars, she invests her money in ventures that are both profitable and rewarding shortly.

As a general rule, she does not leave more than a small percentage of the profits, and she primarily enjoys the revenue generated by her contribution. She has also gained a level of respect and popularity among her followers, viewers, mothers, and seasoned experts that has never been seen before. She never made a snide remark or used an insulting phrase in her entire career as a professional poker player. Despite being one of the best female poker players of all time, she welcomes all newcomers with open arms, answering their questions and gladly signing autographs for them.

Annie Duke (United States) – $4.27 million

Annie first became interested in poker when she was 22 years old. The Lady Duke played alongside Howard Lederer in the game (her brother, co-owner of the former Full Tilt Poker room). She is currently an active member of a corporation that is responsible for the development of well-known gaming applications and online poker programs. There are a few new Monero casinos available, and one of them is where you can see Maria Constanza Lampropulos host live events.

When it comes to shining victories, Annie won the event named after the unconventional version of “Rock-paper-scissors” that was played during the WSOP competition. She is now attempting to play every day, just like every other poker representative, which allows her to improve with each passing day and raises the bar for her level of professionalism.

Annette Obrestad (Norway), with a $3.93 million prize

Those who follow Lady Obrestad’s YouTube channel, where she teaches makeup application and skin care, are probably more familiar with her. However, many people are likely unaware that this Norwegian is also one of the most prominent and accomplished female poker players. She played her first online poker game at the age of 15, and she won about a million dollars.

This woman was ranked among the top 100 professional female poker players in the world at the turn of the twenty-first century. Annette played the entire tournament without ever looking at her cards in the 2007 tournament. She was victorious. Annette had already competed in several matches and won the EPT main event before the age of 19.

Liu, Joanne

Joanne Liu, or JJ Liu as she is better known in the community, had a long and fruitful career in the community. Liu moved to the United States after being born in Taiwan in 1965 to attend Bradley University.

JJ didn’t start playing poker seriously until after she finished her master’s degree in computer engineering and relocated to Silicon Valley in search of work.JJ Liu began her poker career by competing in tournaments in the Las Vegas and greater Los Angeles areas. She has been playing the game since 1996, making her one of the most experienced female players available today. Liu has steadily and quietly built a successful poker career, constantly adapting to the ever-changing poker world.

Her first significant accomplishment occurred in 1996. Liu earned $32,500 for her efforts after finishing fourth in a WSOP Limit Hold’em tournament with a $3,000 buy-in.¬†This may not seem like much, but keep in mind that tournament fields were much smaller back then, and prize pools were not nearly as large as they are today.

JJ Liu’s net worth increased by 362,000 dollars as a result of her fourth-place finish in the Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event in 2005. ¬†This was followed by a second-place finish in the WPT Bay 101 event in 2007, earning the player an additional $600,000 in prize money. Ted Forrest, of all people, was able to stop Joanne Liu from claiming her WPT title in this competition at the last minute.¬†Joanne Liu’s net worth is now more than $3.3 million, according to Hendon Mob, at the time this article is being written.

However, given JJ’s continued high level of activity and participation in numerous competitions, this figure is likely to rise. Liu is likely to be around for a long time due to her knowledge, experience, and (most likely) a sizable bankroll with which to gamble.

Maria Constanza Lampropulos

Maria Constanza Lampropulos is probably the least well-known of the female poker players who are now ranked in the top ten in terms of money.

Lampropulos, unlike many other successful players, did not begin playing poker until she had already established a successful professional career unrelated to poker. Maria Constanza Lampropulo first became interested in poker when she met Ivan Luca, who would later become her lover. As a very successful player in his own right, Luca currently holds the top spot on the Argentinian All-Time Money list, having won more than $6.5 million in his career.

Lampropulos became interested in the game after following Luca’s professional career. She began playing for herself, focusing primarily on low-stakes online games. Despite her lack of success playing online games, Luca recognized a hidden talent in her and suggested she compete in real-world competitions.¬†Her first significant win came from a live tournament in Rozvadov, valued at ‚ā¨1,000, in which both she and Luca competed.

Furthermore, as luck would have it, the couple happened to be in the middle of the heads-up skirmish. In the end, the more experienced Luca took home the trophy, but Maria’s second-place finish earned her more than $95,000.¬†With this victory, Maria Constanza Lampropulos’ poker career advanced significantly, and it was a sign of good things to come.

In 2017, she competed in the PartyPoker Millions tournament at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn. The registration fee was $5,300. The competition drew 1,204 competitors, including many well-known figures such as Jake Cody, Igor Kurganov, and David Peters.¬†After all, was said and done, Maria Constanza Lampropulos’ net worth increased by one million pounds as a result of it.

Despite being a novice, she was able to outlast every competitor in the £5,300 event and steal the victory away from players with far more experience than she did.  Lampropulos continued on his hot streak in the months that followed. She went on to win the hugely popular PCA Main Event in January of 2018, earning the title of champion. Maria defeated a field of approximately 600 players to win an additional $1,081,000 and extend her lead in the overall chip count.

Lampropulos has always attributed a large part of her success to the help she received from Ivan Luca. She thanked Luca for giving her the opportunities that allowed her to learn everything she knows about poker, and she stated that she thanked him in every interview she gave following her major wins.¬†Lampropulos has a natural ability for poker, even though assistance from such an experienced player was unquestionably important.¬†Because she is still competing in a large number of tournaments, don’t be surprised if she wins another seven-figure prize shortly.