The Most Famous Casino Offenses 

Kyle Oberholzer
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Gambling is a popular form of entertainment with a long and illustrious history. For many years, this industry has been associated with large sums of money and endless entertainment. Gambling was once primarily a pastime for the wealthy, who could afford to lose money while sipping expensive champagne and smoking Cuban cigars with their friends. Historically, the majority of gamblers were wealthy. Participating in gaming is now less expensive than it has ever been. You can participate in exciting gambling adventures that could potentially pay off while relaxing in the comfort of your own home. 

Criminals looking for a quick way to financial success have, predictably, targeted every sector of the economy that is experiencing rapid growth. Gambling, like other industries, was not immune to the influence of criminals’ hidden agendas.

We’ve all seen movies in which the central plot revolves around a heist in a casino. When we investigated the history of gambling, we discovered a number of horrifying and, in some cases, hilarious crimes committed within casinos. This article will focus on a few of the most notorious crimes committed inside casinos. If the stories we presented piqued your interest, you can read more casino crime stories here.¬†

1. The Heist of the Stardust 

Despite the fact that robbing a casino may appear to be a difficult task to many people, Bill Brennan was able to successfully steal half a million dollars from a casino in Las Vegas in 1992. He not only stole the money, but he also left the casino with a bag containing a total of $500,000 in cash and chips after committing the theft. It’s worth noting that the man previously worked at the Stardust casino, which is a fascinating fact. One of the most intriguing aspects of this story is how Brennan was able to steal the money without resorting to violence or threats.¬†

Brennan committed the perfect casino crime and got away with it. As a result, many other criminals are envious of him. When the casino employees realized what had happened, they immediately contacted the authorities; however, it was too late because Brennan had vanished into thin air. Brennan was described by his coworkers as a loner who lived alone with his cat. This is what they had to say about him. Perhaps this is why he was able to walk away from the situation unscathed. 

While we were discussing the Stardust Casino, a scandal involving another casino with the same name came to mind right away. It was recently revealed that Star Entertainment collaborates closely with a large operator with ties to organized crime in order to attract high-stakes gamblers from China. 

2.The Poker Heist in Berlin 

A group of four thieves held up a poker tournament in 2010 and stole a prize pool worth over a million dollars. Males with Turkish and Arabic ancestry hiding behind masks robbed the Grand Hyatt. The robbery injured eight people: seven football players and a security guard. The robbers, armed with machetes and firearms, were successful in eluding capture and escaping with the majority of the money. The criminals gave one of the security guards a full bag of money, which he promptly stole. According to the claims, the gang stole approximately $250,000 in total. The perpetrators were apprehended by police in Berlin, and three of them later confessed to the officers. As a result, the four poker robbers were all sentenced to prison time. 

3. The Garbage Bag Cashier 

In 2006, a casino employee named Elizabeth Williams decided to improve her financial situation by stealing $50,000 from the gambling machines. The woman tried to hide the stolen funds in a garbage bag, but she was caught red-handed because she committed the crime in full view of the surveillance cameras. 

4. The Ritz Casino Hosted a Laser-Guided Roulette Scam 

Three people won more than $2.5 million at the Ritz Casino, a popular London hotel-casino, much to the surprise of many roulette enthusiasts who believe that no one can beat the roulette wheel. These enthusiasts believe that no one is capable of beating the wheel. This was accomplished in 2006 with the help of a cutting-edge computer and laser. Because of this advancement in technology, the three con artists were able to predict where the ball would land on the roulette wheel by counting how many revolutions it would make. 

Con artists playing roulette used a strategy known as “clocking,” which meant they placed their bets on numbers that were close to one another and were recommended by the computer. This act was carried out by a young woman from Hungary in collaboration with two men from Serbia. They spent the first night gambling at the Ritz Casino, where they won more than one hundred thousand pounds. However, because the three individuals did not behave in an odd or suspicious manner, the employees of the casino did not notice them. It is an interesting fact that the Hungarian woman was not allowed to play in any of the casinos, and this is something that should be brought to your attention.

In spite of the fact that the authorities were successful in apprehending the liars, they were required to release them due to the fact that the electronic device did not have any direct impact on the game.

5.  This Spot goes to Mr. Casino

When it comes to cheating at casinos, Richard Taylor’s name is practically synonymous with the activity. As a result of the fact that he was responsible for several of the most well-known casino scams, he was even given the nickname “Mr. Casino.” Craps tables were where he spent the majority of his time while performing his magic. That is something to take into consideration. Mr. Casino did not operate in isolation; rather, he worked with a team of con artists to pull off their schemes. In addition to that, a few of the dealers also worked for Mr. Casino in some capacity.

The individual’s plan to defraud two casinos, namely the Foxwoods Resort Casino and the Mohegan Sun Casino, was successful, and he was able to walk away with a total of $70,000 from the two gambling establishments. However, Taylor was apprehended as a result of the testimony of several of the drug dealers with whom he was working together to distribute the drugs. This testimony led to his arrest. Mr. Casino was found guilty of multiple charges and received a sentence of ten years in prison in the month of May in 2009.