What Casino Bonus is Best for New Players?

Kyle Oberholzer
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Most casinos offer certain bonuses to new or existing clients that are designed to encourage them to continue playing at a certain casino or to lure them away from a competing casino. These bonuses are often used by online casinos to differentiate themselves from their competition. Casino bonuses may come in different forms, depending on the kind of player that is being targeted. Existing players will therefore receive different promotional offers than new players.

One of the most popular casino bonuses is the new player bonus. This type of bonus is offered exclusively to new players and is designed to encourage them not only to try out a particular casino, but to spend more money there than they norm ally would have. New players may be offered a percentage bonus which is related to their first deposit at the casino. As soon as a player has made his or her first deposit, they will receive a percentage of it back from the casino. Percentage based bonuses are often also linked to certain amounts of money and may sometimes also be valid for the player’s first few deposits.

A second popular form of the new player bonus is the free trial new casino bonus. This bonus can take the form of free playing time at the casino or the so-called no deposit cash bonuses. When players receive free playing time at a casino, they may receive a certain amount of credits that they can use to try out the casino. The pay-outs on these credits are usually quite small so as to discourage players who try to abuse this bonus. The no deposit cash bonus works in a similar way. In this case, players may try out the casino for free, but are usually unable to cash out any of the money they may have won using the bonus. The no deposit cash bonus is therefore solely aimed at giving players an opportunity to try out a certain casino.

As with all things free, players are encouraged to read the limitations and restrictions that apply to casino bonuses quite carefully. Many bonuses may only be used for certain games, for example.