What is a Casino Cashback Bonus & How To Claim Cashback Bonuses?

Kyle Oberholzer
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There are various types of bonuses that are basically sums of money that are propounded by certain online gaming companies in order to draw a bigger clientele, and also in order to ensure that their existing clients keep playing and coming back to play more. It also services to animate the customers into gambling with real money instead of virtual cash. Cashback bonuses differ from other bonuses in that they pay back a certain amount of the money that was lost during a game played with real money. The upshot of this is that the player does not deposit money in order to obtain the bonus.

As a result this is seen almost universally as a method of gambling online which is risk free. It is, however, aimed and eventually drawing gamblers into spending real money online by promising players that they may receive the real money in case of winning.

Cashback bonuses are usually offered over an extended and specified duration of time. The time period may be several days, weeks or a particular season such as a vacation weekend. The amount of money that players can claim back is also generally restricted by online gaming companies.

Cashback bonuses lessens the impact of the financial loss while gambling online, and as a result the players keeps playing and later even invests real money in the game. There are various types of cashback bonuses which are given to players, and these tend to vary from company to company.

Sometimes only regular players or big spenders are allowed cashback bonuses, and other gaming companies will extend this facility to anybody who plays on their site. Sometimes cashback bonuses are used as promotion for the company during holiday season.

A cashback bonus can be claimed only after the players have read, understood and agreed to all the relevant terms and conditions.

The software for the game and the policies of the online casino also has to be understood and agreed to. These usually state that a portion of the cashback bonus has to be ploughed back into the online site or that the player has to return to play on the site a number of times within a specified period of time. They do this to ensure that they do not lose too much money on these cashback bonuses.